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  • Climbing Gear Carabiner Piece

    Climbing gear carabiner piece Die casting die is one of the three main factors in the production of aluminium alloy die casting climbing gear carabiner piece.
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  • Customized Climbing Rated Carabiner

    Low aluminium content will affect the toughness of parts, and it is easy to fracture in use.Customized climbing rated carabiner From the point of view of electroplating and its application, the...
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  • Cold Forging Carabiner Strength

    Aluminum alloy die casting Cold forging carabiner strength refers to pure aluminium or aluminium alloy equipment and Cold forging carabiner strength parts obtained by casting process. Aluminum or...
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  • Irregularity 5 Inch Carabiner

    After polishing and polishing of zinc alloy die castings Irregularity 5 inch carabiner , oil stain and polishing paste on the surface must be pre-cleaned. Organic solvents or chemical reagents...
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  • Supply 6 Inch Carabiner

    6 inch carabiner die casting technology is the combination of three major elements: 6 inch carabiner die casting machine, aluminum alloy and die casting die.
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  • Die-cast Field Climbing Buckle

    The control of mould temperature has a great influence on the quality of Die-cast field climbing buckle and the production efficiency. The reasonable design of the casting system can adjust the...
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  • Large Heavy Duty Carabiner

    Large heavy duty carabiner quality comes from variations. In manufacturing, these variations come from people, machines, materials, technology and environment.
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  • Mini Carabiner Bulk

    Mini carabiner bulk the essence of market economy is competition, and the result of competition can stimulate growth in a good way, while "unknown" enterprises may be eliminated in situ.
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  • Carabiner Oval

    Usage of carabiner oval quality cost analysis sheet
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  • Aluminum Snap Hook

    The function of products comes from aluminum snap hook product design.
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  • Carabiner Hook

    Aluminum hooks are used for outdoor, entertainment, fire fighting, rescue and other fields of rock climbing expedition equipment, stainless steel rigging (marine hardware) climbing buckles, etc.
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  • Circular Carabiner

    circular carabiner for mountaineering safety industrial safety products.
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