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Aluminum Carabiner

  • Aluminum Carabiner Clips

    Some kinds of mountaineering buttons, some for water bottles, some for keys, some for ornaments. In general, it is a tool for connecting or supporting something.
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  • Aluminum Carabiner Climbing

    This key can be used to connect the belt with the key ring for easy carrying and for better convenience in our lives.
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  • Aluminum Carabiner Strength

    aluminum carabiner strength pull according to the diameter of wire diameter is wider, the wider pulling force, and according to heat treatment will also increase the pulling force in general,...
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  • Aluminum Carabiner Snap Hooks

    The aluminum carabiner snap hooks has a line 4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm 8.0mm color applicable to any color card, but aluminum oxide will have chromatic aberration. If the color difference is not...
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  • Stainless Steel Carabiner

    5.0 hoist hook,Light weight climbing carabiner key clip mini aluminum ring spring snap hooks,High quality Gourd hook, aluminum,Direct dimensions, custom design logo printing, aluminum backhook of...
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  • Heavy Duty Carabiner

    5.0 hook seven words,D - climbing buckle, outdoor climbing buckle,High Quality aluminum mountaineering buckle D shape rock climbing carabiner
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  • Screwgate Carabiner

    Aluminum snap hook with nut ,Aluminium snap hook with Soft Grip mental carabiner spring hook with nut,Carabiner climbing locking type d quickdraw carabiner buckle hanging aluminum nut backpack...
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  • Locking Carabiner

    Bone hook, fish hook, mushroom hook, house hook, triangle hook, horse hook, number can reset password lock hook, waist round hook, bright color can be customized aluminum hook, silk seal, laser...
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  • Rock Climbing Carabiner

    The 7075 is aviation aluminum, there is a quantity requirement, we have 6061 pull power also has about 500KG.
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  • Carabiners for Sale

    Add to CompareShare Round Aluminum Cheap Carabiner Clip For Climbing,Metal climbing hook,It can be made of radium, or silk printed,Color diversity
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  • Tree Climbing Gear

    Shaped hooks, fish hooks, shark-shaped aluminum hooks, bear head aluminum hooks, horse head hooks, all kinds of shaped aluminum hooks, drawing customization
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  • Giant Carabiner

    We can produce customized swallows shaped aluminum hooks with unique buttons. We can customize different colors, different lengths, daily necessities such as hanging knapsack and bag. Another key...
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