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Cell Phone Accessories

  • Ipad Holder For Reading

    For metal processing industry, die casting ipad holder for reading die is a necessary condition for die casting production. Die-casting die can make complex castings.
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  • Tall Tablet Stand Customized

    Aluminum alloy die castings tall tablet stand Customized have the advantages of beautiful surface, light weight and corrosion resistance in the application process.
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  • Metal Spinner Decompression Toy

    luminum alloy castings metal spinner decompression toy have incomparable advantages in the use of other castings. The product quality is very light and the appearance is very beautiful.
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  • Gifts Toy For Fidgeters

    Zinc alloy die casting gifts toy for fidgeters is a one-time die casting process with high production efficiency and low processing cost.
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  • Strap Mobile Phone Pendant

    With the continuous development of automobile industry and optimization of internal structure of automobile, some metal castings are gradually replaced by aluminium castings strap Mobile phone...
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  • Phone Dangler Jewelry Chain

    In recent years, the production of aluminium alloy die castings phone dangler Jewelry chain in China has repeatedly reached new heights, far beyond our imagination. So why is the development of...
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  • Customized Mobile Phone Bracket

    Speaking of aluminium alloy die casting mobile phone bracket, I think many people are not unfamiliar with it, and know it more or less. Aluminum alloy die casting mobile phone bracket is a process...
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  • Mobile Phone Flat Bracket

    Die casting is the process of pressing metal solution into a complex shape of die. In the 1960s, reconstruction technology was widely used. After this Mobile Phone Flat Bracket process, the...
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  • Decompression Fidget Finger Toys

    For us, the most impressive thing about aluminium alloy die-casting decompression fidget finger toys products is their quality and accuracy.
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  • Relieve stress fidget toy

    Relieve stress fidget toy Die casting is the process of pressing metal solution into a complex shape of die. In the 1960s, reconstruction technology was widely used. After this process, the...
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  • Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Mobile Charms

    Nowadays, the growing popularity of aluminium alloy mobile charms die casting manufacturers has become the focus of attention of major enterprises. How to solve these problems?
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  • Jiayuan Cute Phone Strap

    Aluminum alloy die casting cute phone strap process is adopted to make the cute phone strap die castings have high dimensional accuracy and smooth surface.
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