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Cnc Made

Cnc Made

NC cutter path is based on UG software according to the shape of the product after some cutter path programming through the shape to really see whether the computer generated cutter path is reasonable

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cnc made

Available materials

Aluminum, Stainless, steel, brass



Surface Roughness

Ra 0.8-Ra3.2 

DRW format

.jpg/.pdf/.dxf/.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t. etc


CNC Machining center,


50PCS for small 10PCS for big peace

QC System

QC reports, Qc inspection

Payment term

T/T, PayPal

Surface treatment

Electroplating ,Power Coating, oxidation

Shipment Terms:

15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.


Prevent from damage.

Lead time

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each   customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the   best service.

What materials can be processed by home source?


Aluminum alloy CNC for processing aluminum alloy (606060637071)




Aluminum profile CNC processing aluminum profile




Copper alloy CNC processed copper alloy (H68 H65 H62 H59)




Processing of zinc magnesium aluminum alloy diecasting material with zinc magnesium aluminum die casting




Alloy steel CNC car processed alloy steel (SUS303 SUS304 SUS316 45# CR20Q235)


  1. how long is the time of your mold opening?

  2. The opening time is 15-20 days, and the proofing is 7-10 days.



2. how long is the cycle of your big goods?

We have to see the quantity of the big goods, the difficulty of the product.



3. may I ask if the unit price can be included in tax? How many points?

It can be tax, 16 points



4. may I ask you to make 7075 of your climbing buckles?

The 7075 is aviation aluminum, there is a quantity requirement, we have 6061 pull power also has about 500KG.



5. excuse me, is there a 5 axle machine for your company?

No, there are 3 and 4 axes.

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