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Casting Aluminum Parts

  • High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting-Jiayu Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Plant

    The heat dissipation performance and appearance performance of Jiayuan aluminum alloy have exceeded the current plastic material, and its weight is irreplaceable plastic.
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  • Autoart Diecas

    Aluminum alloy high pressure casting is suitable for telecommunication boxes, which can be used for outdoor anti acid and antioxidant 4G boxes.
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  • Casting Aluminium Parts

    Aluminum alloy die-casting foundry bathroom hand handle bag handle bathroom parts faucet. The surface is smooth and looks smooth, making a decoration at home.
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  • Jewelry Die Castin

    The die casting plant has been facing new trends and new products in the past few years. Products have been greatly affected by mobile phone accessories, mobile stents, mobile phones, and...
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  • Die Holder Zinc Cast

    Extruting aluminium use 6061 and 6063 material. It can use oxidation. Oxidation use better color so mobile phone all use aluminium molding.
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  • Phone Holder Stand Made by Die Casting

    After the popularity of smartphones in 2011, a large number of metal cellphone shells and mobile phone supports to assist in watching Internet video were widely circulated in the market. After the...
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  • Car Phone Holder Made by Die Casting

    In 2013, because mobile phones replaced GPS Google maps, apple maps, and other maps instead of originally purchased navigation devices, the mobile phone needed a scaffold to be fixed in the car
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  • Phone Stand Made by Die Casting

    4G bandwidth promotion causes many movies and short videos to play almost fluently on a mobile phone. After that, all kinds of mobile phones and accessories to stand up with their mobile phones.
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  • Diecast Enclosure

    Sound is also a die-casting part often done sound shell and horn parts are aluminum alloy die-casting through a lot of polished wire drawing reflects the surface of the high-end
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  • Phone Holder Made by Die Casting

    In 2012, all kinds of handset scaffolds appeared on the market, most of which were zinc alloy die-casting and various decorations made cell phone brackets replaced by mobile phones to become new...
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  • Cell Phone Stand Made by Die Casting

    The mobile phone bracket has become the main product of the mobile phone accessories, and it has a good application to the rear mobile phone bracket.
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  • Metal Gyro Spinner Made by Die Casting

    The fingertip gyroscope began to increase from the Google trend search index in January 2017 to June 2017, the whole search began to decline basically.
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