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Casting Aluminium Parts

Casting Aluminium Parts

Aluminum alloy die-casting foundry bathroom hand handle bag handle bathroom parts faucet. The surface is smooth and looks smooth, making a decoration at home.

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Title: casting aluminium parts

Description: Aluminum alloy die-casting foundry bathroom hand handle bag handle bathroom parts faucet. The surface is smooth and looks smooth, making a decoration at home.


casting aluminium parts

Process Type:

Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC ,Power coating





Surface treatment:

Electroplating ,Power Coating


Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

Heat Treatment and Toughening Technology of Die Casting Die for Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys 

Heat treatment, strengthening and toughening technology for 1. aluminum and magnesium alloy die casting dies 

The general production process of die casting die for aluminum and magnesium alloy is the forging, the spheroidizing, the one rough machining, the stabilization treatment (650'C), a finishing heat treatment (pine fire, tempering) - the tweezers - polishing - the surface strengthening treatment - the clamp, the assembly and the test die. 

For conventional die steel, the purpose of the fire is to harden. For maraging steel, the purpose of the sudden fire is solid solution, which creates conditions for the reinforcement after the aging, and the sudden fire is to avoid cracking and deformation.

Barium chloride salt bath protective furnace or box type furnace in protective atmosphere 

And decarbonization and other problems, the effect of deoxidization is good. 

The use of new cast iron or solid carburizing agents is strictly prohibited. 

It can also be heated in a common box type electric furnace after being packed and protected. 

Dry charcoal is now widely used as a protective agent in China. 

In order to prevent surface carburization and reduce the resistance of cold and hot fatigue.

The effect of separating the mold from the charcoal is better. '

Only slight carburization has little effect. As with a wire mesh or an lost board 

Heat the heat not too fast

The larger thermal stress produces the deformation of the die, which can be taken step by step. 

In order to avoid the excessive temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mold,

Take the two warm-up, the first 450, the SOO'C, the second 800, and the "850," C. 

Solve the problem by heating up; for thousands of large precision dies 

Impregnated ingots should be used for the finishing surfaces of the mold 

Heat Treatment and Toughening Chemical of Al-Mg Alloy Die Casting Die Parts


1.What kind of products do you do mainly?

ADC12 aluminum alloy die castings 3 zinc alloy die castings and other aluminum alloy products 

2.What are the main processing equipment in your company?

15 CNC2 station 200 ton oil press 16 punch press (3 100 ton punch / 3 25 ton punch / 1 15 ton punch press, 10 ton punching machine /7 Table 8 ton punching machine) die-casting machine line cutting machine spark machine wash bed saw platform drill, etc. 

3.What is the average delivery date?

The regular delivery time is about 20 days. Other situations require special calculations. 

4.How big is your factory now?

There are 200 employees in our factory and 30 regular suppliers

5.How long does it usually take for your order to deliver?

The opening period is 25 days, the proofing product is 7 days, and the production is about 30 days.

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