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Door Handle Die Casting

Door Handle Die Casting

Zinc alloy handlebars are now almost completely automated in production process. Manipulator polishing. Manipulator plating automated assembly line

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Title: door handle die casting

Description: Zinc alloy handlebars are now almost completely automated in production process. Manipulator polishing. Manipulator plating automated assembly line


door handle die casting

Process Type:

Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine drill and Electroplating


Zinc type 3



Surface treatment:



Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

One of the characteristics of the die casting process is that a small hole can be die-cast directly. The diameter of the die-casting hole is determined by the depth of the die-casting, and the smaller hole can only be die-casting to a shallow depth. Because of the solidification and shrinkage of the metal melt after die casting, the core of the die used for casting the hole of the die hole has great force. While the slender core is often unable to withstand the action of the tightening force and the contraction force, and the molten metal liquid will strike the core during the filling process, making it produce thermal stress at high pressure, high speed and high temperature, and deteriorate the working conditions. Therefore, when the product is zero design, the diameter of the die-casting die cast by die-casting should not be too small, and the proper proportion of the diameter and degree should be considered. At the same time, the inclination of the hole should also be slightly larger to ensure core pulling.

When the core is able to overcome the above tightening force and impact force, it is successfully extracted without deformation. Minimum diameter and aperture of die casting

Q: how long do you need to open the mold?

A: it usually takes about a month to open the mold to the sample 

Q: what kind of business do you belong to?

A: Taiwan funded enterprises 

Q what's the usual way of packing your products?

A: chain bag, OPP bag, bubble bag, PE bag, can be packed according to the requirements of guests.

Q: how are you quoted so slow?

A: we don't just assess the price for you. We have to go through the formal quotation process, so the time will take at least 2 days.

Q: how do you propagandize your own products?

A: we have a Alibaba platform, and also upload products through foreign wall climbing software.

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