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Key Holder Made by Die Casting

Key Holder Made by Die Casting

The key holder is made of zinc alloy die-casting and combined with leather making.

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Title: key holder made by die casting

Description: The key holder is made of zinc alloy die-casting and combined with leather making.


key holder made by die casting

Process Type:

Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine drill and Electroplating


Zinc type 3



Surface treatment:



Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

General principles for structural design of die-casting parts 

In the design of the shape and structure of the castings, the possibility of the die-casting process should be considered on the premise of ensuring the shape structure and performance requirements of the product, so as to achieve the perfect unity of the two. The general principle is: 

(1) consider simplifying the die structure and prolonging the service life of the die. As in Figure 2-4, the avoidance of a corner on the subsurface is avoided; in Figure 2-5, the partial thickness of the partial thickness of the mould parts is avoided and the cross holes are avoided in Figure 2-6. 

(2) Minimizing core-pulling position and simplifying die structure. As shown in Fig. 2-3, the variable rectangle hole is core pulling structure, such as cross rib core pulling. 

(3) eliminate the inner concave and deep cavity structure as far as possible. As shown in figures 2-2 and 2-7, the inner flange is adopted, and the core pulling mechanism is very effective. 

It is difficult to use soluble (melt) core and very complicated structure. 

(4) as far as possible, the thickness of the wall is designed to be uniform. The bulge and big ears are removed and the wall of the two wall joints are very thick to form hot joints. The structure as shown in (a), (b), (c) in Fig. 2-8, etc. 

Guest: you have the production of those products

Answer: our company is mainly made of zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy die-casting and mountaineering buckle.CNC, machining is auxiliary production. 

Guest: how long do you usually make the delivery date?

Answer: according to the complexity of the products you want. 

Guest: is the surface treatment of your company done by yourself?

Answer: These are related to environmental issues, we are out of the hair. 

Guest: most of your products are sold there.

Answer: Europe and America, Japan are the main ones, and the mainland of Taiwan is a supplement. 

Guest: how many people are there in your company.

Answer: about 170 people.

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