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Aluminium Casting Process

Aluminium Casting Process

Aluminum alloy die casting because of the larger nozzle, so CNC machining is needed to cut the nozzle edge.

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Dongguan professional CNC processing plant summarizes the experience of NC programming for slow moving wire.


1. how to do chip free machining and how to do it?


(1) some wire cutting software has this function, it directly coils around the hole.


(2) In programming, cutting a few more knives, using correction to control, this method is more flexible, because if the cutting speed is too slow or unsatisfactory, you can always change the amount of correction to correct.


2. what are the ways of wireless head processing? What should we do with small punch?


(1) Cut the shape, after the knife repair, around the plug copper sheet, and then drip glue, pay attention to not too much, if too much will cause a short circuit, and finally the support part of the cutting repair, this method is too small or larger parts, generally not recommended to use, too small drops of glue will short circuit, too large parts, will be. Because of its own weight, it will drop after cutting.

(2) that is two times clamping, for larger or bulk, reclamped and repaired support parts. For small batch workpieces, cutting holes can be cut so that efficiency can be effectively enhanced.


3. when cutting the precision terminal mold, how should we do to ensure accuracy and location?


When cutting the precision mold, especially the formwork, the whole roughening should be done first, that is, all the holes should be cut before repair. Then finish the flat finish, because the surface of the template will be slightly deformed when it is opened.



4. how to calculate the angle between the male and female modules and how to calculate the angles?


Common use of male and female dies: (one cutter compensation X2-one-side clearance) / (plate thickness-common die cutter-master die cutter) anti-sinusoidal, it should be noted that under normal circumstances is cut cone.





Q: do you have a shipment report for your products?

A: Yes, we will provide shipping reports before shipment.



Q: can you open the invoice?

A: Yes, we can open the VAT invoice. Now it's the 16% point.



Q: can you mail or deliver the goods to your door?

A: Yes, the order can be more than 30 thousand, which can be sent to the Guangdong PRD.



Q: can you visit your company?

A: Yes, you are welcome to come at any time.



Q: can you communicate directly with your engineering models through technical problems?

A: Yes, technically, we can build a WeChat QQ group. What are the problems? Let's work together to solve them.


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