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Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting

Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting

Different types of casting also include key ring mobile phone pendant and mobile phone bracket.

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Title: aluminium high pressure die casting

Description: Different types of casting also include key ring mobile phone pendant and mobile phone bracket.


aluminium high pressure die casting

Process Type:

Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine drill and Electroplating


Zinc type 3



Surface treatment:



Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

The casting process is to press the die casting machine, the die-casting die and the metal liquid in advance. 

Organic Combination of Selected Procedures and Processing Parameters 

And the use of power drive to obtain the hot working process of the die castings. It is one of the foundry technology.

In the process of die-casting, the factors such as pressure (including pressure, pressure, bulging force, mode locking force), pressure (including punch speed, filling speed of inner gate, etc.), various temperatures (melting temperature of metal liquid, etc.) Die-casting temperature, mold temperature, etc.), various time [filling time, holding time, retention time, retention time, etc.], the thermal properties of the die (heat transfer rate, thermal capacity, temperature gradient, etc.), the casting and thermal properties of the metal liquid, etc.

The process of filling and die-casting of metal liquid is the process of the unity of many contradictory factors. The leading factors are pressure casting pressure, filling speed, die casting temperature of metal liquid, filling time and filling characteristics, and the thermal properties of die.

The pressure casting pressure is the basic parameter to obtain the clear and complete outline of the die casting, the compact structure and the smooth surface. It is also the main characteristic of the die casting to distinguish thousands of other casting methods. The size depends on the structure and power of the die-casting machine.

The filling speed is the main parameter of the die casting with clear and complete contour and smooth surface. Its size depends on the specific pressure, the density of the metal liquid, the viscosity and the press velocity, the complexity of the die structure and the roughness of the surface of the channel. 

The temperature (including the injection temperature of the metal liquid and the workpiece temperature of the die) is an important thermodynamic parameter in the process of die-casting, which is an important factor for obtaining good filling conditions, casting qualified and high quality castings. 

Complexity of shape and structure, etc.


Q: how long have you been in this industry?

A: for more than 20 years, the field is absolutely professional. 

Q: how do you propagandize your own products?

A: we have a Alibaba platform, and also upload products through foreign wall climbing software. 

Q: how are you quoted so slow?

A: we don't just assess the price for you. We have to go through the formal quotation process, so the time will take at least 2 days.

Q: what kind of business do you belong to? 

A: Taiwan funded enterprises.

Q: how long do you need to open the mold? 

A: it usually takes about a month to open the mold to the sample

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