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Die Casting Mold

Die Casting Mold

Most of the quality problems of die casting mold come from blister sand holes and water lines.

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Title: die casting mold

Description: Most of the quality problems of die casting mold come from blister sand holes and water lines.


die casting mold

Process Type:

Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine drill and Electroplating


Zinc type 3



Surface treatment:



Zinc alloy Die Casting Machine


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

Die-casting machines, die-casting molds (also known as die-casting molds), die-casting alloys are the three basic elements of pressure casting production. The stamper is the main process equipment for die-casting production. In the die-casting production, the quality of the die-casting part is not guaranteed reliably, the qualification rate is high, the die-casting production can be carried out continuously and smoothly, the speed of the die-casting operation cycle, the mold manufacturing Easy, the length of the manufacturing cycle and its cost, the length of service life, to a large extent, is subject to the structural design of the die-casting mold and the correct applicability of the material selection. The design and manufacturing cost of the die-casting mold is generally high, and the commission is longer than other molds during the production. It is generally difficult to make large modifications after the manufacture. Therefore, in the design process of the die-casting mold, the shape and structure of the die-casting part must be fully analyzed. Understand the characteristics of die-casting alloys, familiar with the structure, dynamic principle and characteristics of various die-casting machines, master the filling (type) characteristics and flow behavior of alloy liquid under different die-casting conditions, and consider cost economic benefits, service life and other factors. Design a die-casting mold that meets the requirements of die-casting production and can die-cast a qualified die-casting part.

loy liquid as much as possible, prevent the oxide roll from being in the alloy liquid, strictly check the process and measure the hydrogen before the furnace.


1. Q: How is FOB price?

A: The standard :Shenzhen China RMB 2000 about;Hong kong China RMB 3000 about

2. Q: What kind of file we use?

A: Parts Files format Accepted: stl, stp, step, iges, x_t , dxf, psd, ai, pdf, please note the unit in model (cm,mm or inch)

3. Q: How many Parts Quality Requirement?

A: Blank, Painting, Powder coating, Plating, Colorrequirements,etc.

4. Q:What material we usually use?

A: Zi alloy, AL alloy, etc.

5. Q: Parts Quality Requirement:

A: Tolerance range, Material Hardness, Parts raw Material SGS testing Report, Rohs Declaration.etc.

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