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Diecast Metal Models

Diecast Metal Models

The die casting metal model can be produced in the CNC machining center, and the model and model can also be produced by CNC machining center.

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Title: diecast metal models

Description: The die casting metal model can be produced in the CNC machining center, and the model and model can also be produced by CNC machining center.


diecast metal models

Process Type:

Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC ,Power coating





Surface treatment:

Electroplating ,Power Coating


Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

The die castings have accurate dimensions and lower surface roughness.

And because there are a lot of tiny pores in the die castings, 

It is not necessary to process the machine again. But the castings are not in any field.

Direct assembly is used, so in the following case

Next, we need to make some machined parts and surfaces. 

(1) remove the casting inclination so that the surface can reach the dimensional accuracy of assembly requirements. (2) to achieve the required high precision dimensions. 

(3) because of the die casting process and die technology limitations, die castings can not be cast out of certain shapes.

(4) remove unnecessary parts of parts such as process ribs, ribs and technological protruding parts that are poured, rised or increased according to process requirements. 

(5) the surface or shape of the die casting parts caused by wear, drop or crevice of die is not in conformity with the requirements, and it is difficult to repair the die. It is necessary to remove the die casting parts by mechanical processing. 

For these reasons, the remaining allowance should be selected according to the value of table 3-1 according to table 2-2.


Guest: you have the production of those products

Answer: our company is mainly made of zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy die-casting and mountaineering buckle.CNC, machining is auxiliary production. 

Guest: minimum quantity of product

Answer: in general, the MOQ2000PC of the product 

Guest: how long do you usually make the delivery date?

Answer: according to the complexity of the products you want. 

Guest: how many people are there in your company.

Answer: about 170 people. 

Guest: can you provide us with the design chart and help us make the design files?

Answer: Yes, we can arrange samples for you according to your design drawings. When the samples come out, we can see what needs repairing.Change, let's discuss it together again. "

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