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Pressure Die Casting Mould

Pressure Die Casting Mould

Automobile parts and light shells are all the problems that need to be concerned with the strength of the parts of the auto die casting automobile parts because the car is operating on the car. Once the parts are not strong enough, the problems will arise.

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Title: pressure die casting mould

Description: Automobile parts and light shells are all the problems that need to be concerned with the strength of the parts of the auto die casting automobile parts because the car is operating on the car. Once the parts are not strong enough, the problems will arise.


die cast zinc alloy

Process Type:

Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC ,Power coating





Surface treatment:

Electroplating ,Power Coating


Aluminum alloy Die Casting Machine and CNC


Material certificate, QC reports, Surface treatment inspection reports


15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.

Delivery & Service:

Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

Die working conditions, material and service life

The melting point of aluminum alloy is 580, 680 C, and the melting point of magnesium alloy is sso,..., 5so - C. The working conditions of die-casting die are very poor. Under high temperature and alternating stress and mechanical force, the die wall is subjected to high flow velocity and high pressure. For example, on the die casting machine, the flow velocity of aluminum alloy liquid is generally 50,.... 150rn/s, the pressure of aluminum alloy liquid in the pressure chamber is 5,.. and 25MPa, and the higher pressure (30,..., 300MPa) must be used in the cold chamber die-casting machine, so the mold cavity is subjected to a great impact load. In addition, the high temperature of the die wall can reach up to 1So. C, and gate 820,... 840, C, cavity.

At the corner, 780,.. 870 C. In this high temperature and heat state

The compressive stress is generated on the die surface and before each die casting process.

It is necessary to spray lubricants to produce quench, and to produce tensile stress on the surface.

These will cause alternating stresses, exceeding the yield of die faces.

When it is strength, it produces fine thermal fatigue cracks on its surface.

Then it rapidly expanded into a net (Gui Lie), which caused it to pull.

Injures or moulds, and even the fragmentation of the mold.

Therefore, die casting die materials for die casting aluminum and magnesium alloy castings must have high heat.

Strength (that is, red hard), high heat resistance,

High toughness, low thermal expansibility,

High thermal conductivity. It is often used in high temperature tempering resistance,

(Rong N, C co osmotic)

The material of the process performance. Such as Hll, H13, 3CrW8V,

Cold and hot fatigue resistance and good nitriding

Aging martensitic steel 18Ni250,

1Cr9W6 and other steel.

2Cr lOMoSiVWNiN Nitrogen Derivatives Successfully Developed in the United States in Recent Years

Die cast steel, with its low carbon content and high lead content, has the highest resistance to the world.

Thermal fatigue properties, and wear resistance is also good, with it:

The service life of the aluminum alloy die casting die can be as high as 2 million times, to make aluminum alloy die casting die or by electric spark. In addition, the United States also uses aluminum alloy to produce::: ~ ~:. Avoid the high temperature of aluminum and magnesium alloy by 1.                    


Q: can you visit your company?

A: Yes, you are welcome to come at any time.

Q: can you communicate directly with your engineering models through technical problems?

A: Yes, technically, we can build a WeChat QQ group. What are the problems? Let's work together to solve them.

Q: can you make a month's knot with your company?

A: Because we just started to cooperate. We pay 50% deposit in advance and 50% tail payment before shipment. The following cooperation can be adjusted to monthly ending several times.

Q: can you provide samples before shipment?

A: Yes, we usually arrange the proofing after the mold is opened. After confirming the sample, we arrange to make the bulk goods. We can also provide the sample confirmation before the bulk goods are finished.

Q: can the goods be returned after shipment?

A: Yes, the defective products can be sent to me. After we receive the defective products, the quality department will check the reasons. That's our reason. We will arrange for the refund.

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