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Bad exhaust of die casting die
Nov 08, 2018

Bad mould exhaust

In aluminium alloy die casting, due to the blockage of the exhaust passage of the die, the design structure of the die is not good, and the gas in the die cavity can not be completely expelled smoothly during the die casting process, which results in the existence of air holes in some fixed parts of aluminium alloy di. E casting.

For the holes caused by bad exhaust, the exhaust passage of the die should be improved, and the residual aluminum sheets on the exhaust passage of the die should be removed in time.

Traditional die casting of aluminum alloys.

The traditional die-casting process of aluminium alloy fills the die-casting cavity with the liquid magnesium alloy in the form of high-speed turbulent flow and dispersion, so that the gas in the cavity and the gas produced by the die-casting coating can not be discharged smoothly. These gases can be melted in die-casting aluminium alloys under high pressure, or they can form high-pressure micro-holes dispersed in die-casting. In Zhongshan Die Casting Plant, melt gas and micropore precipitation or expansion under high pressure cause deformation and surface blistering of castings. Therefore, the traditional die casting method of aluminium alloy die castings can not be strengthened by heat treatment, nor can it be applied at higher temperatures.

With the rise of modern machinery manufacturing industry, such as aviation, automobile, petrochemical, electronics and so on, metal processing of aluminium alloy has become very common. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate cutting fluid for the processing of aluminum alloy in Zhongshan Die Casting Plant. Good smoothness, cooling, filtration and rust resistance must be guaranteed.

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