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Characteristics and Advantages of Die Casting Die Products
Feb 12, 2019

Characteristics and Advantages of Die Casting Die Products in China

It is reported that China's die-casting die not only attracts top domestic customers, but also attracts the attention of world-class automotive giants such as North American General Motors and Chrysler. They have sent experts to inland companies for many times, and everyone has the intention to cooperate with each other. From the point of view of national macro-policy, industrial development and international and domestic market capacity, the international and domestic markets of large-scale precision and complex casting moulds and die-casting moulds are huge. Chrysler, the world's automotive giant, has only 400 million yuan of mould orders, which are designed and manufactured in China. As long as the technical and equipment strength of the cooperative company is strong, it is possible to get orders. It can be seen that the domestic die-casting die products have been recognized by domestic and foreign businessmen.

At present, China's die-casting die exports are mainly concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and other places, and some enterprises account for more than 40% of the total output value. More and more high-quality die-casting dies are crossing the sea. The common characteristics of these moulds are: exquisite materials, excellent production, high dimensional accuracy, meeting customer standards, service life and casting quality reaching the international advanced level, with obvious price advantages. Die-casting die for automotive oil chassis exported to Europe in China has been recognized by foreign businessmen for its advantages of price, advanced design and fine production, and has been increasing orders.

Common Heat Treatment Processes and Equipment of Die Casting Company

1. Vacuum Nitrogen-Supplementing Well Tempering Furnace

High pressure gas quenching has broad prospects for development. Stress tends to rise. It is reported that a high temperature and high pressure vacuum furnace with pressure of 100*105pa and working temperature of 2200~C has been developed abroad for sintering and physical test.

2. second. Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace

Low vacuum heat treatment is a new force in the field of vacuum heat treatment. It is a cheap vacuum heat treatment technology. Changing furnace pressure can quickly remove harmful gases such as oxygen and water vapor, and accelerate the carburizing and nitriding process.

Three. Development of High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace for Heat Treatment of High Speed Steel

There are hundreds of high temperature salt bath furnaces in China. It is very difficult to convert it into vacuum quenching, especially for large high speed steel tools such as Broaches and large hobs.

The fourth chapter. Vacuum furnaces should also be personalized

Vacuum furnaces are usually equipped with only one or three workpieces. The product quality is very stable. The experience of others is worth learning. In terms of national conditions, mixing is a common phenomenon. Should we learn from it?

5. Widespread Application of Computer Microelectronics and Network Technology

The networked intelligent control system of high pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace is developed, which realizes the accurate control of furnace temperature, pressure and vacuum degree. If this technology can be successfully applied to vacuum carburizing and nitriding, no one can operate it, greatly improve the vacuum heat treatment technology, and clear the obstacles for the specialization of vacuum heat treatment.

Opening pressure is the pressure from the high-pressure fixture to the opening terminal. In this range, because the dynamic model and the fixed model are separated, the required pressure only needs to overcome the resistance of the plate movement, and the pressure does not need to be as high as the pressure at the start of the opening die. Generally speaking, the opening pressure dialing number can be set at about 40.

In order to make the opening process go smoothly and quickly, three kinds of speed are set in the opening process, the first is slow, the second is fast, and the third is slow.

In the first low speed section, from the end of mode locking to the high pressure section of mode locking, the speed is controlled by a constant low speed valve. Why do we open this in low-speed mode? The main purpose is to prevent tearing. In the second fast section, the speed is controlled by the constant-slow valve from the high-pressure section of mode-locking to the fast-turning and slow-turning section of mode-opening. Why do we use slow-open mode here? We know that if we don't use slow-opening, we use fast-opening. Because of the close adsorption between the product and the mould, lvlar cracks easily occur in the instant of rapid separation, which affects the quality of the product, so slow-opening should be adopted.

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