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Development of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Technology
Dec 26, 2018

Aluminum alloy die casting is widely used in motor, household appliances, automobiles, electronics and other fields. Do you know die casting?

The word "pressure" in die casting can easily lead people to mistake that die casting is completed by die casting, but this is not the case. Its manufacturing process is a bit like injection moulding. It is a kind of metal casting technology that applies high pressure to molten metal by means of die cavity. The rapid development of modern automobile industry has greatly promoted the development of die casting industry. China's die casting market is vast, technology and domestic and international communication is close. Under the guidance of the world manufacturing base environment, the die casting industry in China has developed rapidly. After years of unremitting efforts, China's die casting industry base has been developed and improved, and has become a world power.

With the continuous progress of national science and technology, the die casting industry in China will have greater development space in the future. Let's look forward to the growth and development of aluminium alloy die casting technology.

3. Advantages of Magnesium Alloy Pressure Casting

High productivity


(3) Good surface quality

(4) Fine grains of castings

Die Casting Products with Complex Thin Wall Structure


(1) High yield 50%.

(2) The service life can be prolonged by using steel mould.

(3) Reducing latent heat and saving energy

Good machinability

Save 50% of mould cost.

The melt has high fluidity.

5. Analysis of Die Casting Defects of Magnesium Alloy

(1) Because of the high filling and solidification speed of liquid, it is easy to produce entrainment holes, which are especially suitable for rubber feeding, exhaust and cold material treatment.

(2) Castings should not be too thick, wall thickness can only be limited to a certain size.

(3) Low-cost die-casting alloys with limited mechanical properties

(4) Limited types of die-casting alloys, AZ91D for general mobile phone industry

The creep resistance of the castings is poor due to the fine grain size of the castings.

The creep resistant Mg-Al-RE magnesium alloy has poor casting performance and high cost.

No heat treatment

Not suitable for welding. Need to protect gas

With the continuous development of science and technology, the requirements for die casting products are getting higher and higher. There are high requirements in safety and aesthetics. It is very important to control the surface temperature of die casting die for producing high quality die castings. Non-uniform or inappropriate die temperature can also lead to instability of casting standards. In the production process, the casting will be deformed, resulting in hot pressing, viscous die, surface depression, shrinkage, hot bubbles and other defects. When the temperature difference of the die is large, the filling time, cooling time and spraying time in the production cycle will be affected to varying degrees.

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