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Die casting technology for aluminum alloy
Oct 23, 2018

Aluminum alloy die casting is a casting process from high temperature molten aluminum alloy and high pressure and high speed injection molding into the cavity.


The casting method has the characteristics of high accuracy and high production efficiency.


However, there are some defects in the traditional die casting process, because the gas in the cavity can not be effectively eliminated in the high-speed injection process, and the gas holes are left in the castings, resulting in poor mechanical properties of the castings. In order to solve this problem, people adopt the vacuum method, that is, the gas in the cavity is pumped out during the die casting process, forming a certain vacuum or negative pressure state, thus reducing the porosity defects in the casting.



The service life of the die is the comprehensive embodiment of the die material performance, die design, processing and heat treatment process, die use and maintenance in a certain period of time. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the research on the life characteristics and failure mechanism of dies. It is very important for die casting production to study the failure of die casting die and improve the service life of die casting die.

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