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Factors affecting the performance and life of die casting die
Nov 12, 2018

Die casting has the characteristics of high production efficiency, short production process, high casting finish and strength, small processing allowance and saving metal materials.

Generally speaking, the factors affecting the performance and service life of die casting die include die material, die design and manufacture, surface treatment technology and die specificity.

The performance and service life of die-casting die directly affect the quality of enterprise products, the replacement speed of die-casting products, the technical and economic benefits of die-casting products and the market competitiveness. With the progress of modern technology, actively promoting the application of new technology is an important means to further improve die life. Therefore, all countries in the world are constantly studying the process and technology of toughening die-casting die, shortening the manufacturing cycle of die-casting die, improving the quality of die-casting die, prolonging the service life of die-casting die in the process of processing, and striving to achieve success in many fields. Recite.

Asset allocation is the most important fixed asset in information technology and finance. It is estimated that computers, servers and office space are small enough to pay for high-end talent. And the machine of aluminium alloy die-casting plant is not this price, now the machine is millions of start-up, yes, start-up, millions of equipment. Moreover, the depreciation rate is high and needs to be updated. In a word, the aluminium alloy die casting plant can not afford such a high salary to high-end talents.

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