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​ Gating system and overflow system
Nov 03, 2018

Gating system and overflow system

(1) requirements for mold runner for cold chamber horizontal die casting machine:

At the same time, the deviation of the inner diameter of the brake sleeve should be increased as far as possible, so as not to cause the punch to be stuck or worn seriously because of the different diameter of the brake sleeve axis and pressure chamber and the different thickness of the brake sleeve wall. Eve should not be too thin. The length of the gate sleeve should generally be less than that of the punch, so that the paint can be removed from the room.

(2) After heat treatment, the inner holes of chamber and gate sleeve should be grinded and then grinded along the axis direction. The surface of the inner hole is coarser than that of Ra0.2 m.

(3) The indentation depth of the splitter and the concave cavity forming the paint equals the depth of the transverse channel, and the diameter of the gate sleeve has a slope of 5 degrees along the direction of demoulding. By reducing the volume of the effective length of the chamber, the filling degree of the chamber can be increased.

Selection of raw materials

According to the working conditions of the mould and the characteristics of the die steel, the mould material is selected rationally.

4) attention should be paid to scale during grinding and polishing. The 0.05 to 0.1mm dense layer formed during the cooling process of die casting surface is very important for electroplating. During grinding and polishing, the loss of dense layer should be minimized. If the layer is polished, the porous structure will be exposed and good electroplating will not be obtained in the layer.

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