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Importance of Die Casting Manufacturing Technology
Dec 07, 2018

Lack of attention to advanced technology

Especially for the purchase of advanced instruments, many die casting companies seldom buy or not because of the high price. As a result, the die casting company purchased went bankrupt.

In the future, the state's tax and fiscal policies will not protect backward enterprises, or even accelerate the elimination of these backward enterprises. Only innovative enterprises will be encouraged. Old die casting companies will be phased out in large quantities. Conservative estimates will exceed 40%. At the same time, the new management model, specialization of division of labor, platform, big data, internet, Amiba model and so on may be the future trend of industrial development.

At present, Lianzhou Die Casting Plant produces many products and equipments through metal die casting process, and this aspect of concern is becoming more and more widespread. In such a situation, it is necessary to make some changes in order to satisfy consumers, not only that, but also let more consumers pay attention to this industry.

In the process of aluminium alloy die casting, due to improper operation and other reasons, there will be various casting problems, of which metal hardness is one of the main damage problems, manufacturers help you to solve this problem.

In order to determine whether there are metal hard points in aluminium alloy die castings, the appearance or metallographic examination of the castings can be carried out during or after processing. Fine particles or blocks with hardness higher than the metal matrix on the casting are metal hardening points. Cemented carbide points can cause severe tool wear and show different brightness after processing.

Therefore, if there are some defects in die-casting hardware manufacturing technology, it will affect the future use, so we can see why more and more consumers will pay attention to this link.

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