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Key to die casting die for long life
Oct 20, 2018

If the mold design is reasonable, there are fewer problems in the actual production, and the qualified rate of castings under the machine is high. On the contrary, mold design is unreasonable. For example, in the design of castings, the coating force of the dynamic fixed mold is basically the same, while the pouring system is mostly fixed mold, and can not feed punch after injection molding die casting machine production. The casting can not be produced normally, and the casting is always attached to the fixed mould. Although the cavity of the model is very smooth, the sticking phenomenon still occurs due to the deep cavity.


The company focuses on zinc aluminum alloy die casting, and maintains close contact with technical equipment. After years of continuous exploration, die casting technology has also been greatly improved. Here are our solutions to common problems in aluminum alloy die casting, because each type of problem is caused by a different reason. Therefore, in dealing with these problems in practice, we must deal with the problems in the actual situation.


Key to die casting die for long life


1. High quality die material


2. Reasonable design of die wall thickness and other die dimensions.


3. Try using inserts.


4. If possible, choose the largest angle R.


5. The distance between the cooling water channel and the surface and the corner must be large enough.


6. After rough machining, stress should be strengthened.


7. Proper heat treatment. Quenching must be fast enough.


8. Thoroughly remove the EDM metamorphic layer.


9. The surface should not be highly polished.

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