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New Trend of Die Casting Mould Development
Dec 10, 2018

New Trend of Die Casting Mould Development

Aluminum alloy die castings have been widely used for their excellent hardness, strength and surface treatment properties. Therefore, how to improve the production efficiency and quality of aluminium alloy die-casting, shorten the development cycle of aluminium alloy die-casting die and reduce the cost of die-casting die are the problems that die-casting enterprises must face.

1. In order to be able to sample as soon as possible, we can only proceed from other aspects, without making a big leap in the existing technology. Half of the die-casting companies make the technical preparation, production preparation, die processing and debugging of the development process of aluminum alloy die-casting die as parallel as possible in order to carry out production preparation, process design and follow-up program design. Permanently. Has reached the highest production efficiency, with the fastest speed to deliver samples to customers.

Heat treatment of parts:

In the heat treatment process of parts, while obtaining the required hardness of parts, the internal stress should be controlled to ensure the dimensional stability of parts in the process of processing. Different materials have different treatment methods. In recent years, with the development of die and mould industry, more and more materials are used. In addition to Cr12, 40Cr, Cr12MoV and cemented carbide, the new material powder alloy steel has high thermal stability and good structure and properties, which can be used in convex and concave dies with high working strength and high stress.

2. Parts grinding:

There are three main types of grinding machines: surface grinder, internal and external grinder and tool grinder. In precision grinding, grinding deformation and cracks should be strictly controlled. Even in subsequent processing and use, very small cracks will appear. Therefore, the feed of precision grinding should be small but not large, the coolant should be enough, and the parts with tolerance less than 0.01 mm should be grinded at constant temperature as far as possible. According to the calculation, when the temperature difference of 300 mm long steel is 3 C, the material changes about 10.8 um, 10.8=1.2*3*3 (the deformation is 1.2 um/C per 100 mm). The influence of this factor should be fully considered in every finishing process.

The method of measuring the pore morphology of aluminium alloy die castings is to cut it open, the pore is round and the surface is smooth. There are many reasons for the formation of Blowhole in castings. Manufacturers came one after another to participate in our activities. First, the direction of introduction of alloy liquid is unreasonable or the flow rate is too fast. Second, the exhaust pipe or front impact wall is blocked prematurely, the melting temperature is too high or the cleanliness of burden is insufficient. The gas in the alloy liquid is not clean and the condensation disappears. Full discharge is the third reason, and the last reason is that the amount of gas discharged by the coating is too large or too large to be poured clean before pouring, and the gas involved in the pouring process produces blowhole.

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