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Reasonable selection of grinding parameters
Dec 03, 2018

Fine-diameter grinding method is adopted, even fine grinding. Appropriate reduction of radial feed speed and grinding wheel speed, increase of axial feed speed, reduce the contact area between grinding wheel and workpiece, improve heat dissipation conditions, so as to effectively control surface temperature.

The pouring temperature of aluminium and aluminium alloy ingots varies with the type of alloy. Generally speaking, the pouring temperature of normal and deformed aluminium alloys is 30-80 degrees higher than the crystallization temperature of the alloys. Cast aluminium alloys are in the range of 30-50 degrees above the crystallization temperature.

Alloy products have the advantages of low cost and high quality, especially aluminium alloy die castings, which have excellent properties and are welcomed by people. Our factory specializes in producing and selling aluminium alloy castings, which is worthy of the trust and choice of friends from all walks of life.

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