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Reasons for rapid development of aluminum alloy die casting
Nov 16, 2018

Aluminum alloy die casting is a "three-high" product with high dimensional accuracy, high production efficiency and high metal utilization rate, which is widely used in electronics, motors, automobiles and other industries. Aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers will sell in large quantities, looking forward to providing services for our friends.

Jiayuan aluminium die casting has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the automobile industry of manufacturing industry. The reason for the rapid development of Jiayuan aluminum die casting plant is closely related to the characteristics of aluminum.

Homogeneous, fine and dispersed carbide sorbite structure can be obtained by tempering and heat treatment of forging die steel to reduce the deformation of precision and complex die after heat treatment.

For large size or non-forging dies, secondary refinement of solid solution can refine carbides, evenly distribute carbides and rounded corners, thus reducing heat treatment deformation of dies. Aluminum die casting is the most advantageous process for manufacturing aluminium treatment, including die casting, extrusion, forging and rolling, stamping and permanent die casting, because the parts it produces are not important, flexible, environmentally friendly and corrosion resistant. In addition, die castings can be made in a net shape, making welding unnecessary.

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