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Solution for die casting defects
Nov 10, 2018

Metal is an indispensable raw material in production and life, and various parts made of metal are also popular after processing. Among them, aluminum alloy die castings are typical representatives, and manufacturers with customized processing are also concerned.

Home source die casting solution

1. Consult with customers to coordinate the casting structure, uniform casting wall thickness, make the heat dissipation more uniform and eliminate hot spots.

2. Control the quality of aluminum alloy raw materials and choose small shrinkage aluminum alloy material.

3. Good polishing performance.

High quality plastic products hardly require roughness on the surface of the cavity. For example, the surface roughness requirement of injection mold cavity is less than Ra 0.1-0.25 level, while the optical surface requirement is Ra < 0.01 nm. In order to reduce the surface roughness, the cavity must be polished. Therefore, the selected steel needs less impurities, uniform microstructure, no fiber orientation, no pitting or orange peel defects in polishing.

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