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What are the requirements of Jiayuan Die Casting for the planned workshop?
Dec 05, 2018

What are the requirements of Jiayuan Die Casting for the planned workshop?

The factory buildings of domestic die casting enterprises are generally auxiliary ones rented in industrial parks. What needs to be determined is that the size of the plant and the place where production equipment is needed should recruit enough workers.

Jiayuan Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Plant tells you that zinc alloy die casting is a widely used non-expendable technology, in which metal is pressed into the die cavity under high pressure. Die-casting die, also known as die-casting die of different sizes, can be reused for casting die production, shape and wall thickness. High-pressure and high-speed melt injection is beneficial to the production of casting molds, with original smoothness and accuracy. When the metal hardens, open the die and take out the die casting.

Aluminum die casting manufacturers carefully design the die structure. Our factory is committed to correcting the unreasonable design of die structure, making the section thicker, changing the slope value, designing a more reasonable pouring system, preventing the erosion of die wall and core, selecting the appropriate matching accuracy level, adjusting the assembly size, preventing the occurrence of thermal conductivity decline or die cracking, and ensuring the successful completion of die casting.

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