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What Influences the Development of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Industry
Dec 12, 2018

No reference points were returned after air operation simulation. When checking the program, the machine is locked and the tool is being simulated relative to the workpiece (absolute and relative coordinates are changing). At this point, the coordinates do not match the actual position. The method of returning the reference point must be used to ensure that the zero coordinates of the machine are consistent with the absolute coordinates and the relative coordinates. If no problems are found after the validation process, the processing operations will lead to tool conflicts.

When the machine tool exceeds the range, the release button should be pressed manually or manually and moved in the opposite direction, which can be omitted. But if unloading direction is opposite, it will cause damage to machine tools.

As a high-precision machine tool, anti-collision of NC machine tools in CNC machining centers is very necessary. Operators are required to develop a conscientious and cautious habit of operating machine tools in the right way to reduce the occurrence of machine tool collision. With the development of technology, advanced technologies such as tool damage detection, machine tool anti-collision detection and machine tool self-adaptive processing have emerged, which can better protect CNC machine tools.

In many cases, zinc alloy die-casting products are similar to other alloy die-casting products. The die casting die of zinc alloy is similar. However, due to the different characteristics from zinc alloy, in order to design a reasonable die-casting die and produce die-casting castings efficiently and economically, the design of die-casting die must be fully considered. The characteristics of zinc alloy in Jiayuan Die Casting Plant are briefly introduced.

1. Zinc alloy has smaller specific heat capacity and faster cooling speed. Zinc alloy has low affinity with die steel and is not easy to adhere.

2. Strength has excellent strength/weight ratio in engineering materials such as metals and plastics. Hard zinc is twice as hard as zinc and is higher than most plastics. Zinc has good stress resistance.

3. Zinc alloy with high electromagnetic interference has good electromagnetic wave blocking function and is suitable for the production of electronic products. Zinc has better machinability, which makes cutting easier.

The development of zinc alloy die casting industry is not smooth sailing. In the course of its development, there are always various factors hindering its development. Find out the factors that affect the development of die casting industry.

When it comes to the factors affecting the development of die casting industry, we should first mention the output of zinc materials. Zinc is the main material for die casting. Global production of this metal has been declining in recent years. The shortage of raw materials has limited the development of this industry. The emergence of this situation can not be completely solved by human resources, but we still need to actively address it. Improving die casting technology is the second major factor in the development of die casting industry. If industrial enterprises jointly carry out technological improvement and R&D, they can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve the utilization rate of materials. This is also a measure to alleviate the shortage of zinc materials, which is worthy of consideration and adoption by enterprises in the industry.

In view of the above factors, process improvement and material utilization have great influence on the development of zinc alloy die casting industry.

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