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Bead Chian

  • Colored Ball Chain Necklaces

    After polishing and polishing of zinc alloy die castings colored ball chain necklaces, oil stain and polishing paste on the surface must be pre-cleaned. Organic solvents or chemical reagents can...
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  • Stainless Bead Chain Customized

    Definition of die casting stainless bead chain Customized: It is a kind of die casting. Copper, zinc, aluminium or aluminium alloys are heated to liquid metal and poured into the feed port of the...
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  • Precise Bead Link Chain

    For low pressure casting bead link chain products, the product characteristics of equal balance gravity casting and pressure casting are also very obvious.
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  • Ball Chain Key Ring

    Aiming at the impurities in aluminium alloy ball chain key ring die castings, the aluminium alloy ball chain key ring die casting products produced by our factory are very special, and the quality...
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  • Metal Ball Chain Necklace

    Metal ball chain necklace quality control is a new management method and a ideological revolution of management.
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  • Necklace Chain Black

    From warehouse to take out materials, start processing and necklace chain black production until finished products
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  • Sterling Silver Ball Bead Chain

    Sterling silver ball bead chain quality is not the responsibility of a department, nor is it the responsibility of some people.
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  • Aall Chain Lanyard

    Training and guidance of ball chain lanyard quality control methods
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  • Metal Bead Chain Necklace

    which makes metal bead chain Necklace more elegant, and is not easy to decolor, and more popular with people of all grades.
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  • Ball Chain Jewelry

    First, the ball bchain jewelry is carved out with wax, then put into the special gypsum, dewaxing, dissolving the raw material with high temperature of 1500-2000 degrees, then pouring into the...
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  • Bead Chain Sprocket

    Round pearl steel · copper stainless steel round bead chain can be customized
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  • Stainless Steel Ball Chain Necklace

    Jewelry accessories pearl chain key chain bead chain stainless steel
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We are professional bead chian manufacturers and suppliers, specialized in provIDing customized service. Welcome to buy or wholesale high quality bead chian made in China in stock here from our factory.