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Metal Straws

  • Reusable Straws For Hot Drinks

    Reusable straws for hot drinks quality control organization and work duties.
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  • Extra Long Metal Straws

    Extra long metal straws the effect quality is maintained.
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  • Metal Drinking Straws

    Metal straw is the trend of the world in the future because environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, so you need to protect the environment, please try to use environmental...
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  • Reusable Metal Straws

    The government of Taiwan is leading the world to prohibit the use of straws, so that many people in Taiwan need to prepare their own environmental protection straws.
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  • Short Metal Straws

    Environmental protection straws become the world's mainstream trend whether it's the core of metal paper straws or the increasing number of people eating on the planet producing plastic waste the...
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  • Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

    Metal straws can be reused in large quantities to reduce environmental pollution and reduce garbage increase. At present, all countries in the world should forbid the use of plastic straws and...
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  • Gold Metal Straws

    Plastic straws are used so much each year that a lot of rubbish is made of plastic, a hard-to-decompose material. The current treatment is incineration, which can also cause air pollution.
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  • Stainless Steel Straws Yeti

    If you don't use the straws that are constantly reused, you can cause the incinerator to get bigger and bigger and produce bad air and extremely polluted soil called dioxin, which is what the...
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  • Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

    The advantage of stainless steel straws is that they are durable, environmentally friendly and healthier plastic because heat and cold can produce different chemicals. The stainless steel itself...
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  • Steel Drinking Straws

    Plastic is difficult to decompose and seriously damage marine life. Plastic is not easy to decompose in nature, but under the influence of external forces, will gradually break into fragments,...
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  • Metal Straws for Yet

    In addition, plastic straw has many colors, if it is yellow pigment, often will use heavy metal cadmium or fixing agent, red straw contains lead, these heavy metals are very harmful to children....
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  • Silver Drinking Straws

    Plastic straw hardness is not enough, the true hardness of the plastic is like a home hose, there is no plasticizer inside, but the straw must have a certain degree of softness, is bound to add...
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