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Analysis Of Hole Defects In Die Castings
Nov 13, 2018

In recent years, China's economic development and social progress have led to the development of many industries, represented by the automobile industry. With the increasing number of private cars and the increasing demand for automobiles, the automotive industry has entered an unprecedented state of development. In this process, aluminium alloy die castings have successfully entered the eyes of automobile manufacturers and become the best choice for many automobile manufacturers.

First, the hole defects of die castings are analyzed.

Aluminum alloys react with water in air to form liquid Al2O3 and H2. The structure of Al2O3 is loose, and its specific gravity is similar to aluminum. Suspended in liquid aluminum, it is easy to adsorb H2 and form an adsorption core. Recycled aluminum is widely used in O smelting of die-casting aluminum alloy. If the pretreatment is not standardized, it will cause hidden trouble. This impressed me. When I was in Guangzhou, a Japanese company inspected Honda's production, the pretreatment of recycled aluminium was very strict and standardized.

Elimination and solution:

1. Correct mold to ensure slope.

2. Polishing and indentation.

3. The gating system should be designed rationally to avoid metal flow to the core wall and reduce the filling speed.

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