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Chemical Reaction In Rough Machining Of Die Castings
Nov 21, 2018

chemical reaction

Based on the principle of electrochemical reaction, the deburring of metal parts is automatically selected. For burrs less than 7 mm, the effect is remarkable, but the internal burrs of the castings are not good.

With the rapid development of science and technology and Aluminum Alloy die casting and gradually expand the scale of Aluminum Alloy, die casting has a huge market space. The development of die castings in China is reviewed. In recent years, the production capacity of aluminum die castings has been expanding continuously, and the output has been increasing year by year.

Driven by the trend of vehicle lightweight, there is a huge demand in the global die casting market. In recent years, with the optimization and upgrading of the automobile industry, Aluminum Alloy casting was gradually replaced by grey cast iron, thus stimulating the growing demand for Aluminum Alloy casting. In order to ensure the exact size of the aluminum alloy castings, the manufacturers strictly control the raw materials. High quality raw materials can produce better die castings, and the dimensions of the die castings are more precise. Die casting manufacturers are aware of these reasons, so it will not create blank in production, production of casting dimensions will be more accurate.

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