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Control Points Of Aluminum Extrusion Technology And Technology: Three Temperature
Nov 17, 2018

Control points of aluminum extrusion technology and technology: three temperature

The main control points of aluminium extrusion process are extrusion speed, tractor speed, extrusion rod speed, quenching and annealing temperature.

In order to improve the production efficiency of aluminium extrusion, good equipment is also the key, especially the three main components of aluminium extruder, aluminium rod heating furnace and die heating furnace, and the most important thing is to have a good extrusion workshop and extruder.

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To quickly grasp the market dynamics of aluminium alloy castings is to pay close attention to market changes, maintain close contact and communication with other manufacturers, and timely grasp the market dynamics of aluminium alloy castings. We should know that the act of closing doors is unacceptable. Because manufacturers live in such an environment, they should keep in touch with the whole die casting market at any time in order to be at the forefront of technology, equipment and other aspects.

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