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Detection Of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Die
Nov 24, 2018

Ultra-precision polishing is a special grinding tool. In the polishing fluid containing abrasives, the abrasives are pressed on the surface of the workpiece and rotated at high speed. The surface roughness of 0.008 um Ytterbium alloy can be obtained by this technology, which is the highest among all polishing methods. This method is often used in optical lens mould.

1. The testing method, testing standard and re-inspection of the chemical composition of zinc die casting die must conform to GB/T 15115 standard. The chemical composition of the sample product can be met by die casting method to meet the requirements of GB/T 15115. The mechanical properties, test methods, test times and test specifications must meet the GB/T 15115 standard. T15115 requirements.

Zinc alloy castings are widely used in many fields because of their precise size and various shapes. Many factories and scholars are constantly developing and improving their production technology. Zinc alloy die casting technology is also improving. We are introducing to you today the technology of semi-solid forming of zinc alloys.

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