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Display Of Home Source Detailed Equipment List (part Of CNC Equipment Is Not Updated)
Oct 24, 2018

4 stamping products for friction punching machine

100 punch press 2 stamping products

20 punch press 3 stamping products

8 punch press 10 stamping products

3 punch press 3 stamping products

2 punch press 8 stamping products


35 tons of zinc alloy die-casting machine 2 beer zinc table gold products

65 tons of zinc alloy die-casting machine 2 beer zinc table gold products

100 tons of zinc alloy die-casting machine 1 beer zinc table gold products

160 tons of zinc alloy die casting machine 1 beer zinc alloy products

250 tons of zinc alloy die casting machine 1 beer zinc alloy products

160 tons of aluminum alloy die casting machine 2 beer aluminum alloy products

400 tons of aluminum alloy die casting machine 1 beer aluminum alloy products


List of precision CNC machine tools


Modern KIA VX380Ti machining center 1 product processing

Ehl-500 is known as the 1 bronze Gong and jig system for engraving and milling machines.

TMC500 is famous for drilling and milling high speed tapping machine 5 product processing, mold jig making

Centerless grinder Ml040B 1 accessories processing polishing

Hai Hai Mu Xing HMX-MC20 metal deep carving machine 2 appearance sculpture

List of precision detail processing machines


Automatic parts machine 14 make accessories

1 molar grinding machine

Tooth grinding machine 2 accessories teeth

8 slot slotting machine

Milling machine 12 steel material and fixture


Tapping machine 12 product tapping

Drill hole 13

Chamfering machine 11 Product chamfering

8 lathe milling of lathe

6 profile extrusion of sawing machine


7 sand drawing and nylon sweeping

Sand blasting machine 3 product sandblasting

1 locking ring forming machine

1 wire rod pressing machine

Polishing machine 4 polishing


Oven 3 product dry curing.

Drying 1 dryer

Automatic tapping machine 4 tapping

5 package of injection molding machine

1 CD stripes


1 cutting rope for rope cutting machine

Manual edge press 1 edge pressing

Branding machine 2 leather brand

Edge shovel 1 leather shovel

Cut off 2 pieces of leather cutter


Manual branding machine 1 leather brand

Sewing machine sewing machine 1 leather sewing

Gao Gao, 1 leather sewing.

Ping Ping car 2 leather sewing

Car DY 1 leather sewing


Folding of 1 leather folding machine

Small shovel 1 leather shovel

Leather press 1 leather parts pressing

Dividing 1 pieces of leather machine

Gluing machine 1 pieces of adhesive


1 skin thickness of spatula skin

Oil edge machine 5 leather parts edge

1 grinding tool for grinding wheel machine

Heating 3 pieces of air heater

Infrared shrink machine 2 leather shrink


Dispensing machine 4 point glue

8 small beer products

4 die for wire cutting machine and cutting of jig.

1 hole punching machine, punch hole.

Discharge of spark discharge machine 3

4 grinding and rough grinding of grinding machine


2 grinding tool for grinding machine

1 thimble needle for thimble cutting machine

2 pressure vessel of air compressor

Air dryer 3 dry air


3 baling press

List of inspection platform for precision products

1 projection measurement instrument 2

2.5 dimension measuring instrument 1 Measurement

Computer proofing cutter l209A 1


Precision salt spray testing machine 1 salt spray test

The standard light source has 1 pairs of colors for the color box.

Tensile testing machine (10KG) 1 tension test

Friction tester 1 friction test

1 hardness test for Wei Wei hardness tester

1 constant temperature and humidity testing machine temperature and humidity test


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