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Foundry Development
Sep 05, 2018


The Shang dynasty of China’s Shang dynasty, weighing 875 kilograms, was founded by Zeng Houyi, the Zeng Houyi of the Warring States period, and the translucent mirror of the Western Han Dynasty. Most of the early castings were tools or tools for agricultural production, religion, and life, and the art was strong. The casting process at that time was developed in parallel with the ceramics process and was greatly influenced by pottery.


In 513 BC, China cast the first cast iron piece in the world, which was written in Jinju, with a weight of about 270 kg. Europe also began producing cast iron parts around the eighth century. The emergence of cast iron parts has expanded the range of applications for castings. For example, in the 15th and 17th centuries, Germany, France and other countries have laid a number of cast iron pipes that supply drinking water to residents. After the industrial revolution of the 18th century, industries such as steam engines, textile machines and railways rose, castings entered a new era of service for large industries, and casting technology began to develop.


In the 20th century, the development speed of casting is very fast. One of the important factors is the advancement of product technology, which requires various mechanical and physical properties of castings to be better, while still having good mechanical processing performance. Another reason is the mechanical industry itself and others. The development of industries such as chemicals and instruments has created favorable material conditions for the foundry industry. Such as the development of testing methods, to ensure the improvement and stability of casting quality, and to provide conditions for the development of casting theory; the invention of electron microscopy, etc., to help people penetrate into the microscopic world of metal, explore the mystery of metal crystallization, study the theory of metal solidification To guide casting production.

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