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Foundry Industry Characteristics
Sep 05, 2018

Casting is a relatively economical method of forming blanks, which is more economical for parts with complex shapes. Such as the cylinder block and cylinder head of the car engine, ship propellers and fine art. Some difficult-to-cut parts, such as nickel-base alloy parts for gas turbines, cannot be formed without casting.

For casting engineers and mechanical structural design engineers, heat treatment is a very meaningful and highly valuable method for improving the quality of materials. Heat treatment can change or affect the structure and properties of cast iron, while achieving higher Strength, hardness, and improved wear resistance and so on.

Due to different purposes, there are many types of heat treatment, which can be mainly divided into two categories. The first type is that the tissue structure does not change or should not be changed by heat treatment, and the second is the change of basic organizational structure. . The first heat treatment procedure is mainly used to eliminate internal stresses, which are caused by different cooling conditions and conditions during the casting process. The structure, strength and other mechanical properties are not significantly changed by heat treatment.

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