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How To Check Whether The Die Castings Are Qualified Or Not?
Dec 20, 2018

At present, zinc alloy die castings have a wide range of applications, and the product has a wide range of applications. What our manufacturer is introducing to you today is some reasons for the lack of sequential die castings. Please refer to the following description for details.

Die castings will encounter a variety of problems in the production process, and the quality of this problem is also defective, if these defects are not handled in time, it will also cause problems in the use of die castings. In order to avoid this situation, we must pay attention to ensuring that the production process of products is guaranteed.

Generally speaking, in the process of die casting, some parts can not be filled in time, resulting in insufficient castings. Another case is that due to irregular condensation of metal in the part of the castings, there is insufficient casting. If there is insufficient pressure in the casting process, or if the metal solidifies prematurely before moving, these conditions may also lead to corresponding parts, such as die casting in the hole wall. In order to avoid this situation, caution should be taken in production.

Zinc die castings are zinc parts with different functions, which are made of different shapes of dies and processed to a certain extent. Its quality determines whether other equipment can run normally, so how to see if it is qualified and how to test it? Don't worry. The inspection standard of zinc die castings is introduced. I hope these instructions will help you understand what kind of zinc parts are qualified.

1. It must be a complete individual, without defects, cracks, bubbles and other defects, and no die-drawing phenomenon.

2. The gate and flash of castings should be wiped regularly and kept clean at all times.

Three. The defects that can not appear on the machined surface are mixed impurities and sparse pore.

4. The processing trajectory of zinc ejector must not exceed 0.2 mm.

These are only general inspection specifications for zinc die castings. Through these specifications, you can also choose qualified products. If you want to deepen your understanding of it, you are welcome to visit our factory.

How to Design Dies for Die Casting Company

1. Basic information such as determination of die opening direction and parting surface

First of all, the product should determine the opening direction and parting line to ensure easy demoulding, parting line will not affect the accuracy and beauty of zinc alloy die castings.

At the same time, the reinforcement ribs, buckles and bulges of zinc alloy die castings are designed in the same direction as possible to avoid core pulling, reduce seams and prolong the service life of the die.

2. Slope problem

Proper demoulding slope can avoid sand holes and friction on zinc alloy surface. Deformation and fracture of zinc alloy die castings may also be caused by a certain slope reduction.

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