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How To Choose Die Casting Manufacturers
Nov 09, 2018

Under normal circumstances, most die castings are made of aluminum alloy or zinc alloy. When choosing die casting equipment, we must discuss with each other according to the actual situation and ensure that the choice of zinc alloy or aluminium alloy is the best. If you can't make up your mind, you can consult factory technician. Through their suggestions, we can also judge whether the manufacturers meet the requirements from the side.

When choosing a die-casting plant, we should also pay attention to the fact that the scale of the plant should not be too small. If the scale is small, the investment must be small, and the technical personnel employed can not be guaranteed, there are no technical personnel and can not be controlled. Die-casting. Quality and cost are not as reassuring as customers.

Different manufacturers offer very different prices, too high or too low prices are not the best choice, buy any product, the price is the best. In die casting industry, attention should be paid to mold selection. The cost of mold is different, and the price of many manufacturers is different. Many friends know that die casting industry has seven points of mold three points of pressure, the importance of mold can be imagined. If you want to know whether the manufacturer is good or bad, you need to test it through trial production.

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