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Method Of Improving Die Quality In Die Casting Die Industry
Jan 03, 2019

Method of Improving Die Quality in Die Casting Die Industry

The quality of mould directly affects the quality of new products, output, cost, production cycle, the renewal of old products, the speed of product structure adjustment and the market competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, the economic situation has put forward higher and higher requirements for die quality.

1. High quality steel products

In the field of dies and moulds, there is great potential for saving materials and energy. Using medium and high grade steel instead of low grade steel can save 10% - 20% of steel, and using light and high strength alloy tool steel instead of common steel can save 30% - 50% of steel.

2. Optimizing Process Structure

The part designer should consider that the technical requirements and structure of the part must conform to the technicality and feasibility of the die manufacturing.

Zinc alloy die casting instructions:

1. In the preparation of zinc alloy die castings, the most important thing is the choice of materials. Controlling the proportion distribution of alloy composition and composition. Zinc is the most important raw material of zinc alloy, and then adjusts with high purity aluminum, copper, magnesium and other materials in a certain proportion to form high quality zinc alloy.

2. The placement of zinc alloys is also limited. The pavement should always be dry and clean to avoid long-term sunshine.

3. When the recovered zinc alloy is mixed with the new material, the content of the recovered material should not exceed half, otherwise the content of Al-Mg metal will be reduced.

The noticeable problems in die casting die design are introduced in detail in the die design manual, but the maximum injection speed should not exceed 100 m/s when determining injection speed. Excessive speed will lead to die corrosion, more deposition on the cavity and core, and too low speed will lead to casting defects. Therefore, for Mg, Al and Zn, the corresponding minimum injection rates are 27, 18 and 12 m/s. The maximum injection rate of cast aluminium should not exceed 53 m/s, and the average injection rate should be 43 m/s.

In the process of processing, the thicker formwork can not be overlapped to ensure its thickness. Because the thickness of the steel plate is twice that of the steel plate, the bending deformation is reduced by 85%, and the lamination can only play an overlapping role. The bending deformation of two plates with the same thickness is four times that of a single plate.

In addition, special attention should be paid to ensuring concentricity in the processing of cooling channels. If the head angle is not centrifugal, the connection angle will crack when used. Cooling system surface should be smooth, it is best not to leave any trace of processing.

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