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Padlock Type
Sep 05, 2018

Padlock is a kind of anti-theft lock. The models are available in C, E, SBE, G type and other specifications. MUL-T-LOCK lock has anti-drilling, anti-smashing, anti-universal key, anti-shear, anti-twist, E, SBE The C-type padlock also has waterproof fog and anti-icing performance. E-type and G-type padlocks are available with anti-shear protection. The C-type padlock provides a hook-and-loop protection cover to further enhance the security and anti-theft performance of the padlock.

The global patented interactive bead structure, with active beads on the key, interacts with the corresponding active beads in the lock cylinder, is a technically open nemesis, is the highest level of anti-theft of mechanical locks.

The lock body of E type, SBE type and C type padlock is made of super hard alloy steel, and the hardness of the outer shell is higher than

56 degrees; G-type padlocks are made of zinc alloy, all padlock hooks are made of boron or manganese alloy, can withstand shear forces of 2550-10200 kilograms force, and pull forces of 1530-10200 kilograms. Ideal for machines, equipment, plumbing, banks, warehouses, escape doors, prisons, shops, shopping malls, offices, petrochemicals, oil transportation vehicles, toolboxes, and high-security venues.

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