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Process Of Home Source Die Casting
Nov 20, 2018

At present, the traditional die casting process is mainly composed of four steps, or high pressure die casting. According to the introduction of Jiayuan Die Casting Plant, these four steps include die casting die preparation, filling, injection and sand drop, which are also the basis for improving the sheet metal die casting process. In the process of preparation, Jiayuan die casting plant needs to spray lubricants into the mold cavity. Lubricants not only help control the temperature of the mold, but also help to mold the casting.

Aluminum alloy castings can be applied to many fields such as machinery, aerospace and so on. The company pursues high precision, and Dacheng is a manufacturer that can provide high precision aluminium alloy die castings.

In addition, the general yield of waste products, scratches, prenatal test materials, mold changer and so on produced in the extrusion process can only reach about 85%. China's domestic extrusion plants generally only reach 70% to 75% production.

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