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Some Problems Needing Attention In Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Oct 30, 2018

I went to a branch of our factory, where all the zinc alloy die-casting was done, so I said hello and went to the workshop, the weather was very hot, the workers were still working hard, I thought it was good, with him.


They greeted each other and said hello. The workers answered in a loud voice, with a gesture and a sincere smile on their faces. I walked around the workshop and found some problems that I should pay attention to. I was not working at that time.


Speaking in person's face, I want to go home and make a detailed summary to convey to their team leader, I believe the effect will be better. Back in the office, I summed up the information and showed it to the supervisor. The supervisor was satisfied. Let me pass on the summary.



The following are some problems I should pay attention to in my early zinc alloy die casting plant.



1. Making alloy components from the purchase of alloy ingots, alloy ingots must be based on high-purity zinc, and then add some high-purity aluminum, copper processing together into high-quality alloy ingots, high-quality alloy ingots is made of high-quality zinc alloy die casting before Mention and guarantee.



2, purchased alloy ingots must be kept in a clean and dry place. Avoid white rust in damp places, and prevent other contaminants from making the alloy ingot impure.



3. Control of alloy composition from the purchase of alloy ingots, alloy ingots must be based on ultra-high purity zinc, plus ultra-high purity aluminum, magnesium, copper alloy ingots have strict composition standards. High quality zinc alloy material is the guarantee for producing high quality castings.



4, when remelting the nozzle material, we must strictly control the remelting temperature should not exceed 430 degrees.

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