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Technical Essentials For Design Of Die Casting Die For Aluminum Alloy
Nov 05, 2018

Aluminum alloy die casting is a metal forming process. Its most important feature is the fast forming speed and low processing cost, which has a very wide range of applications in metal processing. The metal parts produced by aluminum alloy die casting process are called die castings. Aluminum alloy die castings are widely used in machinery, automobile, electrical appliances and other fields. Aluminum alloy is a common die-casting material, but it must be noted that for different metal materials, before and after die-casting is different.

Design points of die casting die for aluminum alloy

1. Die casting die should be consistent with drawing.

Aluminum alloy die castings manufactured by die casting die should meet the requirements of dimensional accuracy, shape, structure, accuracy and technical specifications of customer drawings after processing. The processing parts, machining allowance, processing technology and positioning datum are determined.

Technical requirements for die casting assembly:

1. The requirement of parallelism between mould parting surface and template plane.

2, guide column, guide sleeve and template perpendicularity requirements.

3. The parting surface and the fixed die insert are 0.1-0.05mm higher than the movable module.

4, push plate, reset bar and parting surface neat, general putter concave 0.1mm or according to user requirements.

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