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The Details Of Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Aerospace Equipment Are Very High
Nov 01, 2018

The chemical deburring process is the latest chemical deburring process, selecting the purification chemical impregnation process, but many deburring and incision methods occur?

Burr is the kneading process of metal in the process of processing. Generally speaking, the harder things are, the worse they will be burr. For example, from aluminum to medium carbon steel to alloy steel, aluminum in the processing process.

Burrs are very simple, while secondary carbon steels are much better. Burr bay's process has a definite effect, such as cutting a hole in a burr rather than climbing out of a car.

Perhaps less, because the incision relies on the metal corrosion of the wire electrode, how much kneading force does not exist.

But in most cases, people don't think about the number of burrs removed. After the burr, you can disconnect it, depending on the details. Remove burrs. It also improves

The appearance of the workpiece.

Many machined burrs are numerous. The appearance of aluminum alloy or zinc alloy die casting must first be polished, and then spray, spray, electroplating, spray oil electrophoresis and so on.

Anodes can only be made of pure aluminum. The general product is not anodized because the color of silicon treatment is not good. But pure aluminum is difficult to cast. This is a way of casting liquid forging. Model

Forging is a special die forging machine. The basic process is: first low-speed or high-speed casting mold cavity filled with liquid metal, in the case of cavity surface, it and pressurized liquid metal casting

The cooling process not only eliminates the shrinkage defect of blank, but also destroys the grain by casting the inner arrangement of the blank. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank improved significantly.

1. introduce

Die casting is a kind of fine casting method that knead the molten metal into a mess metal mold by high pressure. In 1964, the Die Casting Association of Japan defined the die casting as "fine casting in a short time."

Making fine casting process ". The United States says die casting is die-casting, and the United Kingdom is called die casting. China is most familiar with the Japanese version, called die casting. The castings in the die castings are called die castings.

The tensile strength of the material is nearly twice as high as that of the ordinary casting. The aluminum alloy car wheels, chassis and other components expected to be produced by impact materials have higher strength and are more active

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