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Metal Stamping Blanks

Metal Stamping Blanks

Metal stamping is usually used in some shells and small parts, shrapnel and various parts.

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Title: metal stamping blanks

Description: Metal stamping is usually used in some shells and small parts, shrapnel and various parts.


metal stamping blanks

Available materials

Aluminum, Stainless,   steel, brass



Pressing Capacity:


DRW format

.jpg/.pdf/.dxf/.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t. etc

quality system certification:

Iso 9001/9002, SA8000



QC System

QC reports, Qc inspection

Payment term

T/T, PayPal

Surface treatment

Electroplating ,Power Coating, oxidation

Shipment Terms:

15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.


Pallet or container to prevent from damage.

Lead time


The concept, characteristics and application of stamping 

Stamping is a pressure processing method using the mould installed on the stamping equipment (mainly press machine) to exert pressure on the material to produce the separation or plastic deformation, so as to obtain the required parts (commonly known as stamping parts or punching parts). Stamping is usually cold deformation of materials at room temperature, and mainly uses sheet metal to process the required parts, so it is also called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping. Stamping is one of the main methods of material pressure processing or plastic processing, which is part of 1000 material forming engineering technology. 

The die used for stamping is called stamping die, or die. Stamping dies are batch processing of materials (metals or non-metals). 

A special tool for forming the required stamping parts. Punching die is very important in stamping. Without the punching die that meets the requirements, mass stamping is difficult to carry out. Without advanced die, the advanced stamping process can not be realized. The stamping process and the die, the stamping equipment and the stamping material constitute the three elements of stamping process, and the relationship between them is shown in Figure 0-1. 

Compared with other methods of machining and plastic processing, stamping has many unique advantages both in technology and economy. The main performance is as follows. 

Stamping production is highly efficient and easy to operate. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is accomplished by stamping dies and presses.

Q: can you provide samples before shipment?

A: Yes, we usually arrange the proofing after the mold is opened. After confirming the sample, we arrange to make the bulk goods. We can also provide the sample confirmation before the bulk goods are finished. 

Q: can you communicate directly with your engineering models through technical problems?

A: Yes, technically, we can build a WeChat QQ group. What are the problems? Let's work together to solve them. 

Q: can you open the invoice?

A: Yes, we can open the VAT invoice. Now it's the 16% point. 

Q: can you seal the shipment?

A: Yes, we have the special seal and date of shipment.

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