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Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive Metal Stamping

Progressive metal stamping is usually used for lifting moulds, transporting bottles, cans, connectors, etc.

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progressive   metal stamping

Available   materials

Aluminum,   Stainless,   steel, brass



Pressing   Capacity:


DRW format

.jpg/.pdf/.dxf/.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t.   etc

quality system   certification:

Iso 9001/9002,   SA8000



QC System

QC reports, Qc   inspection

Payment term

T/T, PayPal

Surface   treatment

Electroplating   ,Power Coating, oxidation

Shipment   Terms:

15~20days lead   time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.


Pallet or container   to prevent from damage.

Lead time



According to the different processing methods of the products, the dies can be divided into five categories: punching and shearing dies, bending dies, drawing dies, forming dies and compression dies.




1. Punching and shearing dies: the work is completed by shearing. The commonly used forms are shearing and punching dies, blanking and punching dies, punching dies, trimming and punching dies, flanging and punching dies, drawing and punching dies and punching dies.




2. Bending die: it is to bend the flat hair into an angle shape, depending on the shape of the parts, precision and production, but there are many different forms of die, such as ordinary bending die, cam bending die, flanging die, arc bending die, bending and punching die and twisting die.




3. draw the mold: mold is made of flat hair embryo into a seamless container.




4. Forming die: refers to the use of various local deformation methods to change the shape of the hair embryo, the form of a convex forming punch, flange forming punch, neck forming punch, hole flange forming punch, flange forming punch.




5. Compression Die: It is the use of strong pressure, so that the metal hair flow deformation, become the desired shape, the types of extrusion die, embossing die, stamping die, end stamping die.

1. What is the idea of your company?

Our philosophy is: customers are in the heart, quality is in the hands, technology is in the lead.


2. What is the main business of your company?

Our company manufactures and sells precision metal molds, hardware, rubber products and leather products.


3. What are the main products of your company?

Our company generally produces electronic hardware parts, key ring, mountaineering clasp (aluminum hook), zinc alloy dog clasp, stainless steel jewelry, fashion gifts, luggage hardware and other products.


4. Are your products manufactured by yourself or OEM?

Our division has been converted from OEM to ODM.


5. Can you make aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die-casting and CNC precision machining?

Our company can make aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting, CNC has 15 sets, can do precision machining, but also depends on the precision of the products.

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