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Stamping Die Machine

Stamping Die Machine

The purpose of sheet metal stamping is to shape different shapes and produce various parts and shells.

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Title: stamping die machine

Description: The purpose of sheet metal stamping is to shape different shapes and produce various parts and shells.


stamping die machine

Available materials

Aluminum, Stainless, steel, brass



Pressing Capacity:


DRW format

.jpg/.pdf/.dxf/.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t. etc

quality system certification:

Iso 9001/9002, SA8000



QC System

QC reports, Qc inspection

Payment term

T/T, PayPal

Surface treatment

Electroplating ,Power Coating, oxidation

Shipment Terms:

15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.


Pallet or container to prevent from damage.

Lead time


Design and manufacture of die

Punching die is the basic condition for the realization of stamping production. In the design and manufacture of die, it is developing towards the following two aspects: on the one hand, in order to adapt to the needs of high speed, automatic, precision, safety and other large quantities of modern production, the die is developing towards high efficiency, high precision, high life and multi position and multi-function direction. Processing technology, all kinds of high efficiency, precision, numerical control, automatic mold processing machine tools and testing equipment and mold CAD/ CAM technology are also developing rapidly. On the other hand, in order to adapt to the needs of product update and trial production or small batch production, zinc base alloy die, polyurethane foam die, sheet stamping die, steel strip punching. All kinds of simple dies and die making technology have been developed rapidly.

Precision, efficient multi-position and multi-function progressive die and large complex automotive panel die represent the technical level of modern die. At present, the precision of the progressive die is up to 2 m m. The multi-function progressive die not only can complete the whole process of stamping, but also can complete the welding and assembly process. Our country has been able to design and manufacture the precision multi position progressive die to reach the international level, such as a mechanical and Mechatronic core precision automatic multi-function progressive die, the manufacturing precision of its main parts reaches 2~5 m, the distance precision 2~3 m, the total life span is 100 million times. The main automobile mould enterprises in our country have already been able to produce the mould for the cover parts of the car, which has basically reached the international level in the design and manufacture methods and means, and the structure and function of the die are close to the international level, but there is still a gap in the manufacturing quality, precision, manufacturing cycle and cost. 

1.Is there any difference between 9. powder spray and paint? Which is better? 

There is a difference. One is powder and the other is paint. We think the effect of powder spraying is better. Because the cost is high, the wear resistance is strong.

2.ADC12 be welded with aluminum profiles? Is it strong enough to bear?

We have tried that ADC12 can be dumb argon welded with aluminum profiles, but there will be pores at the weld, because of the density of the reason, bearing a large force will also fracture. So you need to do your tension test. 

3. can you make a high precision product? Is there a five axis CNC?

Our 3 axis and 4 axis CNC, you say the precision is how, we can usually do positive and negative 0.1MM, if a special size 0.03-0.05MM is a bit difficult to do CNC processing, but if you want to electroplating, the size of this size is not well controlled. And the cost is very high. 

4. this product is smooth and large, requiring no pitting and scratching on the surface. Is that possible?

This is a little difficult, because the products of the alloy will have this kind of unavoidable phenomenon. It needs a standard sample to make the goods. With our experience, we suggest that you can spray sand on the surface of your company. The products we've done before are all sandblasting. I can send you a sample to show you the effect. It is very good. 

5.Can there be only 500 for 6. batches? There will be a slow mass production in the back.

Because of the high cost of the model, first small test production can be understood, I will apply to the leadership of the company, but the following batch production should be set according to our MOQ2000, because this product is a process, small amount of bad operation, our workers are also a piece of wages, often change the process is not good for the workers, I hope you can understand, thanks. Thank you.

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